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Martin Rutere
Hello, my name is Martin. I own this site https://www.thedeepthingsofgod.com
I'm a pastor, a professional counsellor, content writer, and a budding web developer.

I'm passionate about life, love, and God. I love words and writing. It makes me come alive.
This blog started out of a passion for words. It is one man's effort to invite dialogue about God.

On this blog, you'll find my thoughts on life and faith. Here, you will find something that refreshes your soul in a fresh, deeper, and personal way.

I share piercing insights and fresh perspectives from the Bible. I craft each piece to inspire you to make positive and real changes in your life. Every article provokes you to move forward in your faith. It draws you closer to God and gives you strength and direction in your life.

I believe this site will ignite your enthusiasm for the deep things of God. If you are interested in practical and inspiring Bible truths, you're in the right place. Look around, and you'll discover gems that speak hope to your heart and soul.

Read, get inspired, and share!

Nota Bene:
I write content for this blog in my free time - in the evening and early hours of the morning. I also write articles on faith, family life, finances, and personal development.

This "about" us page was updated on 18th May, 2020.

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