A Little about This Blog

Hello, my name is Martin Kiogora - the author of the content in this blog. 

I'm a pastor, chaplain, professional counselor, content writer, and a budding web developer.

I'm passionate about life, love, and God. 

I love writing for it makes me come alive. This blog started out of a passion for the "Wonderful Words of Life" and the people of God. Take this blog as a one man's effort to invite dialogue about God and what He has done for the human race.

On this blog, you'll find thoughts on life and faith. I trust you will find  here something that truly refreshes your soul in a fresh, deeper, and personal way.

In every post, I strive to share insights and fresh perspectives from the Bible and show we can apply its principles to our day today living. 

I craft each piece with a view of inspiring you to make positive and real changes in your life. Every article aims at provoking you to move forward in your faith as you draw closer to God. I believe that it is only a living faith in God that can give you strength and direction in your life.

I pray that this blog will ignite in you an enthusiasm for the deep things of God and lead you to practical and inspiring Bible truths. 

You're in the right place - whether you stumbled upon this blog or you are here by design. Look around, and you'll discover gems that speak hope to your heart and soul. Remember to share the links to the posts with your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. 

If you would like to reach out to me, please feel free to use the contact page.

Read, get inspired, and share!